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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello (first post)

Hey there! This begins my blog wherein I talk about Things.

Mostly controversial things, that can't be posted on social media sites without people having a fit. I'm sure fits will be had about the stuff I write about here, but as this is mostly anonymous, I don't care. Throw a tantrum if you like. I can't see you.

I have some pretty nerdy interests and some pretty strong opinions. Facebook turns out is a rather shitty forum for my thoughts as it usually ends up with someone being an argumentative twat, or crickets because it goes over people's heads.

So here I am, indulging my need to discuss and learn, with out having some jerk post a 'Respectful Insolence' or 'Skeptical Raptor' link on my post that they haven't even bothered to read. The day that happens here, I'll know that I've finally made it.