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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Unhealthy Advice: The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Nurse

Every now and then a new account appears, ready to communicate science to those poor souls who have not yet been indoctrinated into the world of fake skepticism.

Skeptical Nurse materialized on Twitter not long ago, and disappeared almost as quickly.

Well known and aggressive GMO proponent, recent recipient of the Borlaug CAST Communication Award, guest on Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, The Joe Rogan Show and others, hailed by his boss as 'an agricultural scientist whose work has been compared to that of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Carl Sagan,' Mr. Kevin Folta shared this new account with his followers about 15 hours before it went *poof!* into the ether of the interwebs:

Thanks to Notorious KGB Aggie, who decided to verify the qualifications of this account, it was revealed that the 'Skeptical Nurse' was really a woman who has worked as a cosmetologist with a delinquent CNA license.

The Florida Department of Health lists her license as having expired at the end of May, 2016.

As it turns out, this is someone Kevin Folta has been familiar with for some time (ahem ahem). He mentions Ms. Porozinski in this blog post back in 2010.

That blog of hers is now gone. In fact, all of Ms. Porozinski's social media accounts disappeared very quickly after it was made public that she is not in fact, a nurse, as she was calling herself. This is highly unethical - and outright illegal.

Three twitter accounts are now gone along with her Facebook profile, Skeptical Nurse page, both a Wordpress and Blogger blogs, and who knows what else. This is hella shady. These are the actions of a woman who engaged in deceit and got caught. This is a fake skeptic and a fake-ass nurse to boot. Yet, according to our friend Kevin, you should follow her for 'synthesis of diet and health claims -- and other stuff'.

Why, oh why, should we listen to these people for health advice? Do they think we are all stupid? If they would purposefully deceive us as to their degree and qualifications, what else are they being dishonest about?


  1. This is a wonderful, libelous page and I've taken screenshots. Thank you.

    You do not know her training. For a long time she enjoyed writing blogs and sharing her viewpoint. However, she was aggressively attacked and then her personal life probed by evil people like Ena Valikov.

    Roxanne has interaction with patients. Her privacy is important. She did not realize the vitriol that she'd find and how she'd be smeared publicly by these evil people, so she decided to pull her blog and twitter username. She cannot be harassed in her profession.

    So rather than engage in civil discussions based on her knowledge, she now has been driven from the discussion because of evil people that revel in harming others. It is really sad. Her blogs were well written, interesting, and informative.

    She will continue posting in social media and blogs someday down the road, and wisely will use a pseudonym to protect her professional identity.

    Kevin Folta

    1. Hi Kevin, I believe everything written here to be accurate. If you have any factual corrections to make, please let me know, but it needs to be precise and verifiable not an unsupported assertion.

      So far no one has seen any evidence to suggest that Roxanne is a licensed nurse as her name Skeptical Nurse suggested. Public records only show an expired CNA. It should be a matter of public record if she is licensed to see patients. Please feel free to provide evidence of her nursing degree which would resolve any questions about her qualifications.

      I do believe it is within reason to request verification that someone holds the degree by which they are promoting themselves, and as it is public record, not an invasion of privacy.

  2. She is not required to maintain CNA registration after the hours met are completed. She is not working as a CNA, and has no intention of working as a CNA. Her current situation will not be revealed because of the incredible retaliation that happens from a hate-filled internet. She's just going to focus on her career now. Thanks to these efforts she has been completely doxed and her wish for personal privacy has been violated. She's not like me. She wants to do her job, share some thoughts on a blog. She doesn't want to deal with endless harassment and defamation that can potentially harm her career.

    People that hate me, fine hate me. But leave my family alone. She took down her stuff because she does not want to have her professional career marred as a result of those that want me harmed. She's a brilliant woman with good ideas and she had a clever blog. Because Ena Valikov will stop at nothing to harm me and my career, she now finds it necessary to attack my family, and you followed suit.

    I'm not going to address this or give it oxygen. I don't want her personal wishes for privacy violated further. If you have any sense of higher angels you'll see how this crosses a line and take down this blog before it costs her opportunities in a very sensitive field.

    The psychos at other websites have completely stalked the internet for anything about her and me. They have posted material from our bike club and other personal information. It is really creepy. If this ends up blowing up further it will look really bad. Not for us. It is a creepy, gross, infringement on someone's privacy when they simply wanted to be left alone so they can do their job without hassles and controversy.

    In retrospect, she should have used a pseudonym for her blog or kept it anonymous for her own protection. My office and our home have been broken into in the last six months, and the online defamation just continues. Leave her out of it please. Thank you.

    1. Kevin, I’m not interested in Roxanne’s personal life, nor yours.

      The only issue here is the behavior you have both exhibited. You promoted her as nurse. She promoted herself as a nurse. She is not a nurse.

      It does not matter if her CNA license is current, lapsed, up, down, in a box, with a fox, or served on a platter. A Certified Nursing Assistant is NOT A NURSE. It does not matter if she still works in the field uncertified - because she is still NOT A NURSE.

      This is not simply unethical behavior, it is also illegal.

      If her behavior costs her career opportunities, then there is no one to blame but her.

      I don’t hate you or Roxanne. I don’t know either one of you. I don’t condone any harassment of you and your family, or condone any criminal acts against you.

      I do take issue with your actions however, and I will not be hushed up about it. You’ve made yourself a public figure, and you promoted Roxanne in a public forum, you should not be so surprised when the public have something to say about it.

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